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SLC 410-E/R0310-14-RF

  • Control Category 4
  • NOTICE: Not available! (Replacement: SLC 420)
Ordering data
Note (Delivery capacity)
Not available!
Product type description
SLC 410-E/R0310-14-RF
Article number (order number)
General data
Product name
SLC 410 Safety light curtain
IEC/EN 61496-1/-2
Enclosure material
Gross weight
2610.000 g
Reaction time, maximum
7.5 ms
General data - Features
Restart interlock (manual reset)
Beam coding available
Integral System Diagnostics, status
Integral System Diagnostics
Number of beams
Number of fail-safe digital outputs
Safety appraisal
Safety type in accordance with IEC 61496-1
Mechanical data
Detection ability for test bodies at v = 1.6 m/s
14 mm
Range, protection field, minimum
0 mm
Range, protection field, maximum
5,000 mm
Height of the protection field
310 mm
Wave length of the sensor
950 nm
Mechanical data - Connection technique
Terminal Connector
Terminal connector, Recipient
Connector plug M12, 8-pole
Terminal, Connector, Transmitter
Connector plug M12, 5-pole
Length of the connectable cable, maximum
100 m
Mechanical data - Dimensions
Height of sensor
411 mm
Length of sensor
35 mm
Width of sensor
45 mm
Ambient conditions
Protection class
IP 65 to IEC/EN 60529
Ambient temperature, minimum
+0 °C
Ambient temperature, maximum
+55 °C
Storage and transport temperature, minimum
-20 °C
Storage and transport temperature, maximum
+70 °C
Electrical data
Voltage type
DC (direct current)
Switching voltage OSSD, HIGH signal
24 V
Electrical power consumption of the receiver
3 W
Electrical power consumption of the transmitter
2 W
Electrical data - Fail-safe digital outputs
Output current, (fail-safe output), maximum
0.5 A
Scope of delivery
Included in delivery
Emitter + receiver, mounting angle, T-slot nuts
SCR 402R-301
Note (General)
Im In case of failure (interruption of the 0 V supply) the maximum leakage current is 0.3 mA.

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