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AZM170-02ZRK-ST-2197 230 VAC

  • Long life
  • Compact design
  • Double-insulated
  • High holding force
  • 90 mm x 84 mm x 30 mm
  • Connector M12, 4-pole
  • Thermoplastic enclosure
  • Manual release from side
  • Interlock with protection against incorrect
Ordering data
Product type description
AZM 170-02ZRK-ST-2197 230 VAC
Article number (order number)
EAN (European Article Number)
eCl@ss number, Version 9.0
General data
Product name
AZM 170
EN 60947-5-1
Active principle
Enclosure material
Plastic, glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic, self-extinguishing
Material of the contacts, electrical
Gross weight
273 g
General data - Features
Power to unlock
Manual release
Number of actuating directions
Number of safety contacts
Safety appraisal
ISO 13849-1
Mission Time
20 Year(s)
Safety appraisal - Safety outputs
B10d Normally-closed contact (NC)
2,000,000 Operations
Mechanical data
Mechanical life, minimum
1,000,000 Operations
Clamping force in accordance with ISO14119 Fzh
1,000 N
Latching force
30 N
positive break travel
11 mm
Positive break force, minimum
17 N
Actuating speed, maximum
2 m/s
Mechanical data - Connection technique
Terminal Connector
Connector plug M12, 4-pole, (A-coding)
Connector plug M12, 4-pole, (B-coding)
Mechanical data - Dimensions
Height of sensor
75.5 mm
Length of sensor
30 mm
Width of sensor
108 mm
Ambient conditions
Protection class
IP 67 to IEC/EN 60529
Ambient temperature, minimum
-25 °C
Ambient temperature, maximum
+60 °C
Ambient conditions - Insulation value
Rated impulse withstand voltage
2.5 kV
Electrical data
Thermal test current
4 A
Rated control voltage
230 VAC
Required rated short-circuit current to EN 60947-5-1
1,000 A
Electrical power consumption, maximum
10 W
Switching element
Opener (NC)
Note (Switching element)
Change-over contact with double break, type Zb or 2 NC contacts, with galvanically separated contact bridges
Switching principle
Creep circuit element
Switching frequency
1,000 /h
Other data
Note (applications)
sliding safety guard
removable guard
hinged safety guard
Scope of delivery
Included in delivery
Actuators must be ordered separately.
Note (General)
Individual coding available on request
Note (Manual release)
For manual release using M5 triangular key, available as accessory
Additional manual release on side
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Switch travel diagram
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Information on switch travel diagram
Contact closed
Contact open
Setting range
Latching point
Positive opening path/angle
Adjustable range of NO contact
Adjustable range of NC contact
After travel
The switching routes shown for the closer and opener contacts can be transferred to other contact combinations.

Product image

Information on diagram
Some descriptionMonitoring the interlock
to EN ISO 14119
Some descriptionPositive break NC contact
Some descriptionActuated
Some descriptionnot actuated
Some descriptionNormally-open contact
Some descriptionNormally-closed contact

AZ 17/170-B1
101122893 AZ 17/170-B1

  • Particularly suitable for sliding doors

AZ 17/170-B1-2245
101137406 AZ 17/170-B1-2245

  • Particularly suitable for sliding doors
  • Particularly suitable for sliding doors
  • Damps vibration on guard device

AZ 17/170-B5
101122895 AZ 17/170-B5

  • Particularly suitable for sliding doors
  • Particularly suitable for sliding doors

AZ 17/170-B11
101139788 AZ 17/170-B11

  • Particularly suitable for sliding doors

AZM 170-B6
101123391 AZM 170-B6

  • Particularly suitable for hinged guards
  • For very smal actuating radii
  • The direction of actuation can be selected by applicable insertion of the insert

AZ 17/170-B15
101139789 AZ 17/170-B15

  • Particularly suitable for sliding doors
  • Particularly suitable for sliding doors

101208493 AZM170-B

  • for AZ 17 and AZM 170

101100887 AZM KEY (M5)

  • For manual release using M5 triangular key, available as accessory
  • For maintenance, installation, etc.

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