AV 15

AV 15

  • Metal enclosure
  • Fail-safe locking system
  • for 1-leaf doors
  • authorised for use in passenger elevators
  • Manual release by means of M5 triangular key
Product type description:

AV 15(1)(2)K(3)U-BGB215

Lleft-hand model
Rright-hand model

withoutPull strap
HLever H65
H92Lever H92
H105Lever H105
BBearing block B
B2Bearing block B2

X11,5X-dimension of the latching bolt = 11,5 mm
X20X-dimension of the latching bolt = 20 mm
X30X-dimension of the latching bolt = 30 mm
X40X-dimension of the latching bolt = 40 mm
X45X-dimension of the latching bolt = 45 mm

U = interlock bevel on the underside
GB215 = additional, front-side M8 mounting holes

Variants that differ from this are special versions. Availability on request.

ULatching bolt bevelling 45° bottom
DLatching bolt bevelling 45° cover-side
L/RLatching bolt bevelling 45° 1x left/1x right, rear attachment holes

GB215additional front-side M8 mounting holes

K = additional contact

withoutwithout auxiliary contact
Kwith auxiliary contact

withoutProtection class IP20
IP41Protection class IP41

withoutwithout cable gland
E4M20 cable gland
E1Cable entry
Not all component variants, which are possible according to this order code are available and/or technically feasible.

Cable entry

Degree of protection

Switching element