ZQ 700

ZQ 700

  • Thermoplastic enclosure
  • one-side operation / wire up to 10 m long
  • Release push button
  • Position indicator
  • Large wiring compartment
  • Twisting of towing eye not possible
  • wire pull and breakage detection
  • One tension force for cable lengths up to 10 m
Product type description:

ZQ 700-(1)-(2)

111 NO contacts/1 NC contact
022 NC contact

STM12 connector with A-coding
Not all component variants, which are possible according to this order code are available and/or technically feasible.

Number of auxiliary contacts

Number of safety contacts

ZQ 700-02

Item number 101192478

Pull-wire emergency stop switch

ZQ 700-11

Item number 101192476

Pull-wire emergency stop switch

System components