EX-TS 235-20Z-3D

Item number: 101195426


ePLAN Data
Product type description:

EX-(1)(2) 235-(3)Z-(4)-(5)-(6)-(7)-3D

ZSnap action
TSlow action (not for AF/S)

SPlunger S
RRoller plunger R
4SPlunger 4S
4RRoller plunger 4R
1ROffset roller lever 1R
KOffset roller lever K
3KAngle roller lever 3K
4KAngle roller lever 4K
K4Angle roller lever K4
1HRoller lever 1H
7HRoller lever 7H
10HRod lever 10H
12HRoller lever 12H
14HRoller lever 14H

022 NC contact
111 NO contacts/1 NC contact
202 NO contacts, (switches with 2 NO contacts are not suitable for safety applications)

HSlow action with staggered contacts
UESlow action with overlapping contacts

1297Enclosure with transverse slotted holes

2138Roller lever 7H for position switches with safety function

1637Gold-plated contacts
Not all component variants, which are possible according to this order code are available and/or technically feasible.
  • Metal enclosure
  • Wide range of alternative actuators
  • Good resistance to oil and petroleum spirit
  • 30 mm x 63,5 mm x 30 mm
  • Actuator heads can be repositioned by 4 x 90°
  • Mounting details to EN 50047
  • 1 Cable entry M 20 x 1.5
  • Ex-Zone 2 and 22

Ordering data

Product type description

EX-TS 235-20Z-3D

Article number (order number)


EAN (European Article Number)


eCl@ss number, version 12.0


eCl@ss number, version 11.0


eCl@ss number, version 9.0


ETIM number, version 7.0


ETIM number, version 6.0


Approvals - Standards



Explosion protection

Explosion protection: regulations

EN IEC 60079-0

EN IEC 60079-15

EN IEC 60079-31

Explosion protection zones



Explosion protection category



Explosion protection designation

D II 3G Ex nC IIC T5 Gc X

D II 3D Ex tc IIIC T90°C Dc X

Manufacturer declaration

ATEX Zone 2 and 22

Additional simple electrical apparatus (Zone 0 and 20)

General data



EN IEC 60947-5-1

Housing construction form

Norm construction design

Actuator type to EN 50047


Enclosure material

Metal, zinc die-cast

Enclosure coating material


Gross weight

189 g

General data - Features

Number of auxiliary contacts


Safety classification


EN ISO 13849-1

Mission time

20 Year(s)

Mechanical data

Actuating element


Mechanical life, minimum

20,000,000 Operations

Actuating force, minimum

9 N

Positive break force, minimum

19 N

Actuating speed, minimum

60 mm/min

Actuating speed, maximum

1 m/s

Note Bounce duration

Bounce duration in accordance with actuating speed

Note (Switchover time)

Switchover time in accordance with actuating speed

Mechanical data - Connection technique


Screw terminals M20 x 1.5

Cable cross-section of the cable glands, minimum

7 mm

Cable cross-section of the cable glands, maximum

12 mm

Cable section, minimum

0.75 mm²

Cable section, maximum

2.5 mm²

Note (Cable section)

All indications including the conductor ferrules.

Wire cross-section

13 AWG

Mechanical data - Dimensions

Length of sensor

30 mm

Width of sensor

30 mm

Height of sensor

75.5 mm

Ambient conditions

Degree of protection


Ambient temperature


Ambient conditions - Insulation values

Rated insulation voltage Ui

500 V

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp

6 kV

Electrical data

Thermal test current

10 A

Utilisation category AC-15

230 VAC

Utilisation category AC-15

4 A

Utilisation category DC-13

24 VDC

Utilisation category DC-13

1 A

Switching element

Normally open contact (NO)

Switching principle

Slow action

Switching frequency

5,000 /h

Material of the contacts, electrical


Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery

Ex-certified screwed cable gland


Note (General)

Switch with 2 NO contacts are not for security tasks

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