AZ 335-11ZRK-M20

Item number: 101183420


ePLAN Data
  • 1 Cable entry M 20 x 1.5
  • LED version available
  • Metal enclosure
  • Long life
  • Universal coding
  • 40,5 mm x 114 mm x 38 mm
  • Actuator heads can be repositioned in steps 4 x 90°
  • Can be mounted on a flat surface
  • High level of contact reliability with low voltages and currents
  • Slotted holes for adjustment, circular holes for location

Ordering data

Note (Delivery capacity)

Not available!

Product type description

AZ 335-11ZRK-M20

Article number (order number)


eCl@ss number, version 12.0


eCl@ss number, version 11.0


eCl@ss number, version 9.0


ETIM number, version 7.0


ETIM number, version 6.0


General data

Coding level according to EN ISO 14119


Housing material


Housing coating material


Gross weight

235 g

General data - Features

Increased latching force


Number of auxiliary contacts


Number of safety contacts


Safety classification


EN ISO 13849-1

EN IEC 60947-5-1

Mission time

20 Year(s)

Safety classification - Safety outputs

B10D Normally-closed contact (NC)

2,000,000 Operations

B10D Normally open contact (NO)

1,000,000 Operations

Note (B10D Normally open contact (NO))

at 10% Ie and ohmic load

Mechanical data

Mechanical life, minimum

10,000,000 Operations

Latching force

30 N

Positive break travel

10.7 mm

Positive break force, minimum

5 N

Note (Positive break force)

per NC

Mechanical data - Connection technique


Screw terminals M20 x 1.5

Cable section, minimum

0.75 mm²

Cable section, maximum

2.5 mm²

Note (Cable section)

All indications including the conductor ferrules.

Mechanical data - Dimensions

Length of sensor

38 mm

Width of sensor

40.5 mm

Height of sensor

114 mm

Ambient conditions

Degree of protection


Ambient temperature

-30 ... +90 °C

Ambient conditions - Insulation values

Rated insulation voltage Ui

500 V

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp

6 kV

Electrical data

Thermal test current

10 A

Utilisation category AC-15

230 VAC

Utilisation category AC-15

4 A

Utilisation category DC-13

24 VDC

Utilisation category DC-13

4 A

Switching element

NO contact, NC contact

Switching principle

Slow action

Material of the contacts, electrical


Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery

Actuator must be ordered separately.


Note (General)

By turning the head in 90° steps, 8 actuating planes are possible. A Torx T10 screwdriver is required for this purpose. Even when the screw is removed, the head is self-retaining. The switch can still not be tampered.

Switch travel diagram

101214053 AZ 3350-12ZUEK
  • 1 Cable entry M 20 x 1.5
  • Metal enclosure
  • Latching handle
  • Long life
  • 40,5 mm x 114 mm x 38 mm
  • High level of contact reliability with low voltages and currents

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