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Easy, safe and reliable
AS-Interface Safety at Work (SaW) is the first safety bus system based upon the open standard of AS-International. Safety components such as emergency stops, safety switches, solenoid interlocks or safety light curtains are simply interconnected through the AS-Interface profile cable. For the evaluation of the safety-related signals, only a safety monitor is required.

Design and mode of operation:
AS-Interface Standard in accordance with EN 50295
With the integration of AS-Interface SaW the AS-Interface network will continue to operate unchanged. Well-known components, such as the standard AS-Interface master, the standard power supply as well as the AS-Interface unshielded 2-wire line can continue to be used and form the basis for integration of safety data transmission. An existing system can therefore be retrofitted with AS-i SaW safety components with ease.

The heart of safety
The information of the safety components is transmitted through the AS-Interface network and monitored by the safety monitor. If a safety circuit is triggered or in case of failure of a safety component, the safety monitor puts the machine or installation safely to a hold position. The safety monitor is equipped with one or two redundant pairs of enabling paths for applications up to Control Category 4 according to ISO 13849-1. Each safety function of the monitor can be set with simple drag & drop software. The configuration is then transferred to the safety monitor and protected by a password.

Secure transmission mechanism
The transmission mechanism for safety-related applications is based on the unchanged AS interface standard protocol. A defined telegram is transmitted for each master request by interaction between the safety monitor and the safety components. The monitor evaluates this information and opens the enabling paths if the target state is not met. The maximum reaction time for fail-safe shutdown is 40 ms

reduce costs with AS interface safety at work
Reducing costs and effort - Who doesn't have to? During installation and machine commissioning as well as during maintenance, AS-Interface SaW supports the user with integrated system diagnosis. It provides detailed information about the cause and place of the failure, and enables the user to quickly find and analyse a malfunction and therefore minimise machine downtime. With AS-Interface Safety at Work you can directly reduce your costs.

More flexibility with AS interface safety at work
For the realisation of individual safety solutions, SCHMERSAL offers the maximum amount of flexibility with its diverse range of safety devices. Depending on the application the user can choose the optimal solution out of an extensive product basket. As AS-Interface SaW is an open system, the user has also the possibility to include additional Safety components from other suppliers. AS interface safety at work adapts

Less installation time with AS interface SaW
It doesn't get much easier and quicker that the AS-Interface SaW: select the safety component, connect using the AS-Interface flat-ribbon cable, configure the safety monitor, and you're done.
No further settings need to be made on the safety components, complex wiring between the safety components and control cabinet is reduced and installation times are shortened. The power supply to the safety sensors is provided via the AS-Interface unshielded 2-wire line. With AS interface safety at work, you will reach your aim faster.

AS-Interface SaW System Features
• Up to 31 standard and safety slaves on the AS-Interface system
• No Safety PLC necessary
• Safety-relevant signals can be allocated into groups and multiple Safety monitors may be connected
• Response time is max. 40 ms
• Safety-relevant signals can be integrated into plant diagnostics
• Certified up to Control Category 4 in accordance with ISO 13849-1
• Certified by the TÜV (German Technical Inspectorate)