EX-441 belt alignment switch

EX-441 belt alignment switch

  • Ex certified
  • Metal enclosure
  • 106 mm x 99 mm x 63 mm (basic component)
  • Suitable for heavy duty
  • Ex-Zone 21 and 22
Product type description:
EX-(1) 441-11Y-(2)-(3)-1276-2

M.Snap action
T.Slow action (not for AF/S)

UESlow action with overlapping contacts

withoutLever selection, refer to catalogue
Not all component variants, which are possible according to this order code are available and/or technically feasible.

EX-M. 441-11Y-1224-1276-2

Item number 101214278

EX belt alignment switch

EX-T. 441-11Y-966-1276-2

Item number 101209307

EX belt alignment switch

EX-T. 441-11Y-243-1276-2

Item number 103007625

Explosion protection position switches