IFL - M8

IFL - M8

  • Design M 8 x 1
Product type description:

IFL (1)-(2)(3)-(4)(5)(6)(7)

2Switching distance 2 mm
3Switching distance 3 mm
NB, MBN, BNQuasi-embeddable

8Cylinder, thread M8

withoutStandard body
MMiniature body

01Opener (NC)
10Normally open contact (NO)
10/01NO contact / NC contact with wiring compartment
111 NO contact / 1 NC contact antivalent

STMale connector

withoutStandard connector version
2Alternative conector version

Not all component variants, which are possible according to this order code are available and/or technically feasible.

Installation conditions (mechanical)

Switch distance

Ambient temperature, minimum

IFL 2-8-01STP

Item number 101117680

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-8-10STP

Item number 101099669

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-8M-01P

Item number 101117673

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-8M-10N

Item number 101113527

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-8M-10P

Item number 101107846

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-8M-10ST2P

Item number 101108025

Inductive sensor

IFL 3B-8M-10P

Item number 101110822

Inductive sensor