Item number: 103003905

Product type description:


0330Protection field height 330 mm
0410Protection field height 410 mm
0490Protection field height 490 mm
0570Protection field height 570 mm
0650Protection field height 650 mm
0730Protection field height 730 mm
0810Protection field height 810 mm
0890Protection field height 890 mm
0970Protection field height 970 mm
1050Protection field height 1050 mm
1130Protection field height 1130 mm
1210Protection field height 1210 mm
1290Protection field height 1290 mm
1370Protection field height 1370 mm
1450Protection field height 1450 mm
1530Protection field height 1530 mm (only for resolution 30 mm, 35 mm)
1610Protection field height 1610 mm (only for resolution 30 mm, 35 mm)
1690Protection field height 1690 mm (only for resolution 30 mm, 35 mm)
1770Protection field height 1770 mm (only for resolution 30 mm, 35 mm)

14Resolution 14 mm (Range 0.3 …) 7 m
30Resolution 30 mm (Range 0.3 …) 10 m
35Resolution 35 mm (Range 0.3 …) 7 m
Not all component variants, which are possible according to this order code are available and/or technically feasible.
  • Safety type 4 in accordance with IEC 61496-1
  • Status and diagnostics via App with bluetooth
  • Automatic start or restart interlock
  • active integrated set-up tool
  • Process safety with highest availability
  • User-friendly parameter setting, no tools required
  • optional degree of protection IP69 with protective enclosure (accessories)

Ordering data

Product type description


Article number (order number)


EAN (European Article Number)


eCl@ss number, version 12.0


eCl@ss number, version 11.0


eCl@ss number, version 9.0


ETIM number, version 7.0


ETIM number, version 6.0


Approvals - Standards




General data


EN IEC 61496-2

EN IEC 61496-1

Enclosure material


Gross weight

1,820 g

Reaction time, maximum

20 ms

General data - Features

Restart interlock (manual reset)


Integral system diagnostics, status


Integral system diagnostics


Number of beams


Number of fail-safe digital outputs


Wave length of the sensor

880 nm

Safety classification


EN ISO 13849-1

EN IEC 62061

Performance Level, up to




PFH value

8.05 x 10⁻⁹ /h

Safety Integrity Level (SIL), suitable for applications in


Mission time

20 Year(s)

Safety type in accordance with IEC 61496-1


Mechanical data

Detection ability for test bodies at v = 1.6 m/s

14 mm

Height of the protection field

1,130 mm

Range, protection field, minimum

300 mm

Range, protection field, maximum

7,000 mm

Mechanical data - Connection technique



Terminal connector, Recipient

Connector plug M12, 5-pole

Terminal, Connector, Transmitter

Connector plug M12, 4-pole

Length of the connectable cable, maximum

100 m

Mechanical data - Dimensions

Length of sensor

33 mm

Width of sensor

27.8 mm

Height of sensor

1,171 mm

Ambient conditions

Degree of protection


Ambient temperature

-10 ... +50 °C

Storage and transport temperature, minimum

-25 °C

Storage and transport temperature, maximum

+70 °C

Protection class


Electrical data

Switching voltage OSSD, HIGH signal

24 V

Electrical power consumption of the receiver, maximum

10 W

Electrical power consumption of the transmitter, maximum

5 W

Electrical data - Safety digital outputs

Output current, (fail-safe output), maximum

0.25 A

Design of control elements


Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery

Kit with 2 mounting angles


Recommended safety switchgear

SRB-E 301


Note (General)

Im In case of failure (interruption of the 0 V supply) the maximum leakage current is 1 mA.

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UK Conformity Declaration
UK Declaration of Conformity LOG_COM_lo1de01s
Company:Safety Control GmbH
Am Industriepark 2a
84453 Mühldorf / Inn
Declaration:We hereby, under sole responsibility, certify that the hereafter described components both in their basic design and construction conform to the relevant statutory requirements, regulations and designated standards of the United Kingdom.
Name of the component:Series SLC440COM
Series SLG440COM
Type:See ordering code
Description of the component:Safety light curtain / Safety light grid
Relevant legislation:Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations2008
 Radio Equipment Regulations2017
 Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations2016
 The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations2012
Designated standards:EN 61496-1:2013
EN 61496-2:2013
EN 300 328 V2.2.2:2019
EN ISO 13849-1:2015
EN 62061:2005 + Cor.:2010 + A1:2013 + A2:2015
Approved body for Type Examination:TÜV NORD CERT GmbH
Langemarckstr. 20
45141 Essen
ID n°: 0044
Type examination certificate:44 205 13144609
UK-Importer /
Person authorised for the compilation of the technical documentation:

Schmersal UK Ltd.
Paul Kenney
Unit 1, Sparrowhawk Close
Enigma Business Park
Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 1GL
Place and date of issue:Mühldorf, September 1, 2022
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