IFOD - M30

IFOD - M30

  • Design M30
  • Wiring compartment
Product type description:
IFOD (1)-(2)-(3)(4)

8Switching distance 800 mm
10Switching distance 1000 mm

30Cylinder, thread M30, metal
300Cylinder, thread M30, plastic

01Opener (NC)
10Normally open contact (NO)
10/01NO contact / NC contact with wiring compartment
111 NO contact / 1 NC contact antivalent

withoutDesign of control output Two-wire
Not all component variants, which are possible according to this order code are available and/or technically feasible.

Current at Voltage drop Ud

Operating current

Design of control elements

Detection range Sd, maximum

Cable section, maximum

Housing material

Material of the nuts

Number of cable wires

Switching frequency, approx.

Tightening torque of nuts, maximum

Voltage drop Ud, maximum

Operating voltage, maximum

Operating voltage, minimum

IFOD 10-30-10/01P

Item number 103038716

Optical sensor

IFOD 10-300-10/01P

Item number 103038718

Optical sensor

IFOD 8-300-10/01

Item number 103038715

Optical sensor