Safety sensors

Working principle

Assured switching distance "OFF" Sar

Assured switching distance "ON" Sao


Performance Level, up to


Serial diagnostics


Electronic safety sensors

Electronic safety sensors

  • RFID-technology for needs-based protection against tampering
  • Integral cross-short, wire-breakage and external voltage monitoring of the safety cables up to the control cabinet
  • High repeat accuracy of the switching points

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Magnetic safety sensors

Magnetic safety sensors

  • Long life
  • no mechanical wear
  • Insensitive to transverse misalignment
  • Insensitive to soiling

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The magnetic safety sensors are used to monitor the position of sliding, hinged or removable safety guards. Sensors without integral evaluation can only be used for safety duties to IEC 60947-5-3 in combination with a safety guard monitor for protection up to Control Category 4 to ISO 13849-1.

The use of magnetic safety sensors is of particular advantage in cases where extremely dirty conditions can occur or high hygienic standards need to be maintained. This is provided by the simplicity of cleaning of the devices.

Another advantage is the possibility of concealed mounting behind non-magnetic materials. Working surfaces and storage areas can be arranged without the need for dust-collecting edges or other functionally required cut-outs or projections.

In applications, where a precise approach is not possible and larger tolerances are required, the magnetic safety sensors of the BNS series can also be used.

Design and mode of operation:
These devices comprise a multi-channel magnetic safety sensors and an actuating magnet.

All magnetic safety sensors are in thermoplastic enclosures and protected to protection class IP 67 or 65.