AZM 150

AZM 150

  • Thermoplastic enclosure
  • Eight approach levels thanks to rotating head
  • Individually coded version with coding level "High" according to ISO 14119
  • Simple fitting, especially on 40 mm profiles
Product type description:


02/11Magnet: 2 NC contacts; actuator: 1 NC contact/1 NO contact
11/11Magnet: 1 NC contact/1 NO contact; actuator: 1 NC contact/1 NO contact
11/02Magnet: 1 NC contact/1 NO contact; actuator: 2 NC contacts
02/02Magnet: 2 NC contacts; actuator: 2 NC contacts

withoutStandard coding
I1Individual coding

withoutPower to unlock
APower to lock

withoutManual release on the cover side
TEmergency exit on the cover side

24 VDCUs: 24 VDC
110VACUs: 110 VAC
230VACUs: 230 VAC

Note:Actuator inclusive with individually coded device versions I:
B1with actuator B1
B5with actuator B5
B6Lwith actuator B6L
B6Rwith actuator B6R
Not all component variants, which are possible according to this order code are available and/or technically feasible.