• Thermoplastic enclosure
  • Max. length of the sensor chain 200 m
  • Self-monitoring series-wiring
  • Coding in accordance to ISO 14119 by using RFID-Technology
  • 3 LEDs to show operating conditions
  • Sensor technology permits an offset between actuator and interlock of ± 5 mm vertically and ± 3 mm horizontally
  • Suitable for hinged and sliding guards
  • Intelligent diagnosis
  • Manual release
  • Protection class IP66, IP67
  • High holding force 2000
  • symmetrical construction form, assembly on 40mm profiles
  • OSSD safety outputs
  • Emergency exit / Emergency release suitable for retrofitting
Product type description:


ZSolenoid interlock monitored
BActuator monitored

withoutStandard coding
I1Individual coding
I2Individual coding, re-teaching enabled

SKScrew terminals
CCCage clamps
ST2Connector plug M12, 8-pole

1P2PW1 diagnostic output, p-type and >2 safety outputs, p-type > (combined diagnostic signal: guard system closed and interlock locked)
SD2Pserial diagnostic output and 2 p-type safety outputs

withoutPower to unlock
APower to lock
Not all component variants, which are possible according to this order code are available and/or technically feasible.

System components