• Thermoplastic enclosure
  • slender shock-proof enclosure
  • to be fitted to commercial-off-the-shelf aluminium profiles
  • to be installed at an ergonomic favourable position
  • large range of Illuminated pushbuttons, Selector switches, LED indicator lights, Key-operated selector switches and Emergency-Stop buttons
  • Field labelling with separate plastic cover
Product type description:

BDF 100-(1)-(2)-(3)-ST

NH-GEmergency stop pushbutton without protective collar
NHK-GEmergency stop with protective collar


202 NO contacts
111 NO contacts/1 NC contact

LT..Illuminated control push button (selection colour)
LM..Indicator light (selection colour)
DT..Push button (Selection Color)
WS 20/30Selector switch, 2/3 switch position
WT 20/30Selector switch, 2/3 switch positions
SW 20Key switch/button, 2 switch positions

withoutwithout indicator lamp
G/RDIndicator lamp red
G/GNIndicator lamp green
G/YEIndicator lamp yellow
G/BUIndicator lamp blue
G/WHIndicator lamp white
Not all component variants, which are possible according to this order code are available and/or technically feasible.