IFL - M12

IFL - M12

  • Design M12
Product type description:

IFL (1)-(2)(3)-(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)-(9)

2Switching distance 2 mm
4Switching distance 4 mm
NB, MBN, BNQuasi-embeddable

12Cylinder, thread M12, metal
120Cylinder, thread M12, plastic

withoutStandard body
MMiniature body
LLong design

01Opener (NC)
10Normally open contact (NO)
10/01NO contact / NC contact with wiring compartment
111 NO contact / 1 NC contact antivalent

STMale connector
TConductor with strain relief

withoutStandard connector version
2Alternative conector version


KMax. fuse rating

2033Stainless steel enclosure
Not all component variants, which are possible according to this order code are available and/or technically feasible.

Protection circuit integrated

Protection class (Operating resource)

Enclosure material

Material of the nuts

Number of cable wires

Voltage type

IFL 2-12-01STN

Item number 101101329

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-12-01STP

Item number 101100696

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-12-10P

Item number 101097496

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-12-10STN

Item number 101101328

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-12-10STP

Item number 101099562

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-12L-01STN

Item number 101117696

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-12L-01STP

Item number 101113716

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-12L-10STN

Item number 101114553

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-12M-01P

Item number 101097202

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-12M-01STN

Item number 101115290

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-12M-01STP

Item number 101096909

Inductive sensor

IFL 2-12M-10P

Item number 101083090

Inductive sensor